New Health Features in the Apple Watch 8

Several reports are stating that the new Apple Watch will have new health features. While the series 7 model did not include any new health features, a new patent could lead to new health features such as blood pressure monitoring and a body temperature sensor in the Apple Watch 8. But does that mean that we’ll have to wait for another two to three years to see them in an Apple product? Perhaps the answer to that question is a resounding “yes.”

Apple Watch Series 7 shipped without any new health features

As with previous versions of the Apple Watch, the Series 7 shipped without any new health features. Apple didn’t mention this in its press release, but reports suggested that the company had problems with the supply chain. 애플워치 8 디자인 But the Apple Watch still has plenty to offer, and the enlarged display is the most significant update. This device enables users to perform everyday tasks with a touch screen, while still preserving the convenience of always-on computing.

The Apple Watch Series 7 has the same 18-hour battery life as its predecessor, and its battery life has been improved. The Series 7 can also measure pedal-assist status while cycling, and it can also calculate your power output by your leg power alone. Users can initiate a variety of workouts with their watches, including hiking, cycling, swimming, and core. Apple Watch Series 7 can also be used for pilates, core workouts, and HIT.


Patents could lead to infrared-based blood monitoring

One of Apple’s upcoming patents may be related to blood pressure monitoring. The company filed a patent in February for technology involving terahertz electromagnetic radiation, which could allow for noninvasive glucose monitoring. In May, Rockley Photonics confirmed that it is in partnership with Apple on the project. Other patents may relate to the development of smart bands that communicate through Bluetooth or a special port. According to the latest Apple patent, a watch band would act as a blood pressure cuff.

Infrared-based blood monitoring is a common feature of health watches. Apple is also working on incorporating the technology into Apple Watches, and a rumored version will be available in the fall of 2020. According to DigiTimes, two companies have been working on biosensing components, and it may be coming to the watch as early as next year.

Patents could lead to a body temperature sensor in Apple Watch 8

An Apple Watch with a body temperature sensor may be in the works. A new patent describes a device that measures the body surface temperature. The sensor is also capable of measuring barometric pressure and estimating the subcutaneous tissue temperature. It may be built into the Digital Crown, or be incorporated into a future wearable device. This is just one of the many improvements that Apple is rumored to be considering.

A body temperature sensor might be coming to the Apple Watch 8, but not in the first generation. The feature isn’t expected to be available on the first generation of the Apple Watch and is also unlikely to make its way into the second-generation model. Apple had previously planned to include this feature in the Apple Watch Series 7 but later canceled it due to an algorithm failing to qualify before entering the engineering validation testing phase. However, the patents Apple has filed could lead to a body temperature sensor in Apple Watch 8.

Price cut for Apple Watch 8

There’s been speculation about a price cut for the upcoming Apple Watch 8. Rumors suggest that the new smartwatch will start at $399, PS369, or AU$599 – the same as the current Series 7 price. But while the exact price of the new model has yet to be determined, the device is expected to feature new health sensors and a higher-end processor. It is expected to start at $399 for the smaller, 41mm version and $429 for the larger, 45mm model. But the price will depend on the case material, band type, and whether LTE is built-in.

Rumors also suggest that the new watch will cost the same as the Series 6 and 7, which are expected to launch a week after the iPhone 14 lineup. However, it is unlikely that Apple will lower the price of the Watch since it is already a bestselling item. Regardless, the price cut is likely to increase the demand for Apple’s new watch. As with all things Apple, there are certain benefits to purchasing the latest model.