About hospital Ad.

hospital Ad. First of all,

hospital Ad. there should be a name when opening the hospital, but there are people who are curious about whether the name of the hospital is important. To tell you the conclusion, it’s important.병원광고전문

​If you ask us, we search for the name of the hospital. For example, if you say, “We are ABC Hospital,” there are many hospitals with the same name across the country when you answer the phone and search for ABC Hospital.

​But what the directors usually want is, “I hope it will be exposed when I search our hospital.” If there is only one name in the country, of course, it is easily exposed, but if there are too many nationwide, it is relatively difficult to expose, so the name of the hospital is very important.

​Next, when the hospital opens, the most basic hospital advertisement is placed map registration.

​Usually, when patients have to go to this hospital after searching, the map is the last thing they look for.

It’s called a place now, but some people are not registered here, and there are cases where the photos and contents are a little poor. It’s better to put a bright and pretty picture, and it’s better if you can see at a glance what kind of hospital our hospital is.

For example,

assuming a dental clinic, it’s better to have a picture related to teeth. And when you look at the explanation section below, it’s good to simply record this detailed information and information about the hospital.

​There is no correct answer to this. But it is usually Naver blog that people use a lot, so there have been many comments saying that if you modify it when blogging.

Blogging will die or writing will be omitted. But NEVER said that it doesn’t matter if we officially edit it. There’s no problem 병원광고

​We publish about 30,000 blog posts a year, but when we revise them. There were times when something didn’t come up well and exposed well. And when compared to the unmodified ones, the revised ones were weaker.

Therefore, it is recommended to take a look before publishing the article and issue it when there is no problem so that it is not revised as much as possible.

It’s content that considers patients. In the past, hospital marketing mainly focused on promotional content such as hospital facilities, hospital size, and director’s medical history.

For example, when I searched Gangnam Orthopedic Surgery, articles from various hospitals appeared. And I was writing in the same way as above.

​So from the patient’s point of view, “It’s all the same. Which hospital should I go to?”‘ That’s what I was worried about, and this year, patient-centered information content was centered.

​However, hospital Ad. there is also a problem with information content. It takes a lot of time and is difficult to create informative content for the first time. But after making it difficult, other agencies quickly follow it. Reproduction occurs too quickly, so if you search now, all of these informational contents will be covered.​