Affordable Apartments in a Rural Housing Complex

The development of affordable apartments in a rural housing complex is a good example of how housing tax credits can benefit residents. Residents who earn up to 60% of the area median income can live in 36 affordable apartments. Four market-rate units are also included in the $10 million development. The company, Woda Cooper Cos., has a track record of creating affordable housing developments in both urban and rural communities. According to the Council for Affordable and Rural Housing, the company is the largest owner of rural housing developments, with more than 9,100 affordable units.

Despite the many challenges associated with rural housing, the process is remarkably similar to that of creating affordable units. The development team should be composed of members from community organizations, elected officials, city/county government staff, and nonprofits. Community members with concerns about the housing situation should be included as well. A successful development team will be able to bring together the resources and skills needed to realize a vision for affordable housing in a rural area.