Membership of (aamo)

AAMO Membership is offered to National Management Organizations only. There are two categories of members, namely, Ordinary Members and Associate Members. (List & Contacts of AAMO Members)

Ordinary Member

Ordinary Membership of AAMO comprises of Founder Members and additional management organizations satisfying the criteria set out hereunder:

  • Non-profit and non-political by definition;
  • Recognised as a National Management Organisation (NMO);
  • Contributing to the upgrading of management standards and practice;
  • Proven ability to effectively pursue its own mission and commitment to AAMO;
  • Be located within the broad geographical description of the Asian region;
  • Subscribe to the purpose of AAMO; and
  • Has paid the due fees as set out in AAMO Constitution.

Applications for membership should be made to the Head of AAMO Operational Office, who would advise on the form and supporting documentation required for the application. Complete applications together with such supporting documentation as may be requested should be returned to the Head of AAMO Operational Office who would cause the application to be laid before the AAMO Council at the earliest opportune date.


Admission to Ordinary or Associate Membership shall be upon the decision of the AAMO Assembly to whom the AAMO Council shall make such recommendation thereon, as considered appropriate. Admission to Ordinary or Associate membership shall not be considered effected until all dues and other obligations as may be determined by the AAMO Assembly have been satisfied in full.

Where more than one management organization from the country of an Ordinary Member applies to be admitted as an Ordinary Member, the AAMO Council shall also evaluate the merits of such applications, and recommend to the AAMO Assembly accordingly.

The annual subscription payable by members of AAMO shall be determined in advance by the AAMO Assembly, provided that the annual subscription payable by Associate Members shall be half of the annual subscription payable by an Ordinary Member. The annual subscription due in respect of a new Ordinary or Associate Member admitted on a date with less than six months remaining of AAMO's financial year shall be 50 per cent of the annual subscription currently in force. The annual subscription shall become due and payable after 30 days from the date of invoice by the Head of AAMO Operational Office.

Membership of AAMO may be terminated or suspended by the AAMO Assembly for any of the following reasons:

  • Resignation by giving 12 months notice in writing provided all financial obligations up to and including the date of such notice have been fully discharged;
  • being in arrears in annual subscription for not less than two years despite being invoiced by the Head of AAMO Operational Office; and,
  • ceasing to fulfill any of the requisites for membership as laid in the Constitution.
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