TRYLA (Tun Razak Youth Leadership Award Programme)

Under the Asian Association of Management Organisations (AAMO), participants are nominated by the national management organisation of which they are a member (AAMO Participants). 

This programme which takes place in the state of Perak, Malaysia is targeted towards emerging leaders between the ages of 24 - 36. 

Organised by the Malaysian Institute of Management with its partner Outward Bound Malaysia, it is a 6-day course which puts its participants through a series of vigorous outdoor activities aimed at developing high-performance leaders. 

It is designed to develop participants from diverse ethnic backgrounds to inculcate a spirit of unity and harmony while providing the opportunity for the participants to realise their full leadership potential. 

AAMO participants are fully sponsored by MIM for the TRYLA Programme fee. 

TRYLA PROGRAMME: 12 - 17 March 2017

Set against the backdrop of a beach, a whaler (a special type of boat) docked to the side and cabins lining the steep climb along the face of the hill facing the sea, stood 25 TRYLA participants ready for the challenges that lay ahead in the hopes of discovering themselves and developing their skills as leaders. 

This is the first time that TRYLA has included international participation, and representatives were sent from AAMO Members in India, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Even more momentous was the fact, that in all the years that TRYLA has been held, this was the first year that a woman won the prestigious "TRYLAN" Award. The TRYLAN is selected based on strength, ability to complete tasks, team spirit, positive attitude and ability to lead among other traits. The TRYLAN for the year was awarded to Chritra Devia Gopalakrishnan from World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)-Malaysia, now officially the first woman TRYLAN. 



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