Triennial Conference

Hosted by the NMO which provides the President, the AAMO Triennial Conference is held every three years. It aims to bring together the region's brightest business minds and decision makers in a two day think tank of talks, group exercises, exhibits, networking and social events.

It provides a unique opportunity to interact with some of the outstanding business, political and social leaders from around the region and the world for an insight into the future of local and international business and management issues.

Some of the conferences held in the past were as below:
Year Country Conference Name Theme
2013 Macau AAMO XVIII  
2010 Hong Kong AAMO XVII Winning in a Changing World
2007 India AAMO XVI Managing New India
2004 New Zealand AAMO XV Powerful leadership in the Age of Change Click here
2001 Malaysia AAMO XIV The New Economy Challenge and Response
1998 Australia AAMO XIII Management and Leadership 2000
1995 Singapore AAMO XII Managing Asia Pacific Business into the 21st Century
1992 India AAMO XI The Asia-Pacific Region- Management in Transition
1989 Hong Kong AAMO X Entrepreneurship and Management
1986 Thailand AAMO IX Managing a Growth Economy
1983 Malaysia AAMO VIII The New Region- The New Manager
1980 Australia AAMOCIOS VII Management and the Well Being of Mankind
1977 Singapore AAMOCIOS VI The Making of a Manager
1974 New Zealand AAMOCIOS V Productivity and the Way We Live
1971 India AAMOCIOS IV Asia- Tradition and Modernity
1965 Japan IPCCIOS II The role of Management in Economic Development
1962 Philippines IPCCIOS I The Asia-Pacific Region- Management in Transition
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