Executive Development Program

In collaboration with ISB Hyderabad and AIMA, AAMO has designed a Program for leaders of today & tomorrow focusing on the Emerging Markets. AAMO realized the fact, that the role of a CEO in an emerging economy is quite crucial because the business environment is extremely volatile and the degree of uncertainty for business leaders of emerging economies is much larger than that experienced by the CEOs of developed world.

EDP 2006

The program was titled "Emerging Markets: A Challenge for Chief Executives". It was conducted as a five day residential program in ISB Hyderabad by Prof SankaranVenkatraman& Prof Edward Freeman of Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, USA from August 2-7, 2006.

The Program helped participants to develop:
  • Their specific world views about Emerging Markets.
  • A clear picture of their own businesses, relative to new business models and new opportunities.
  • Set of Strategic Opportunities and Challenges to explore further and act on.
  • Set of Strategic Frameworks and Strategies for Winning in Emerging Markets.
  • Set of Values, Purposes and Principles by which to lead their organisations.
  • Set of Critical Ideas with which to successfully lead their organisations.
For report on EDP 2006 - Click Here
EDP 2007

The theme for this Program was "Emerging Markets: Growth Dynamics in the Global Landscape". The Program was conducted as a five day residential program from August 25-29, 2007. Prof Gerry George, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship London Business School and Prof SrinivasaRangan, Kingsbury Term Chair Professor of Strategy & International Business, Babson College, Boston were the faculty for the Program.

The broad objectives of the program were:
  • Understanding the dynamics of global growth;
  • Evaluating growth opportunities in a global landscape;
  • Strategic issues of coordination and control;
  • Creating and sustaining value in a global business;
  • Devising a strategic action plan for your company
The broad objectives of the program were:
  • Components of a global strategy;
  • Understanding industry structure and global dimensions;
  • Factors influencing competition in global industries;
  • Leveraging regional advantages and network;
  • Defining international entry strategy;
  • Coordinating alliances and partnerships;
  • Control and management issues in multi-business units;
  • Cross-cultural negotiations;
  • Assessing global entrepreneurial opportunities;
  • Devising a strategic action plan for strategy implementation
Takeaways for the participants
  • Develop systematic frameworks to evaluate global opportunities;
  • Hone cross-cultural negotiation skills;
  • Implement models for internationalization; and
  • Leveraging value in global businesses.
Program drew participation from:
  • Senior & top managers of companies with international business units
  • Entrepreneurs interested in global opportunities
  • Department / unit heads responsible for global growth
  • Professionals / Advisors to high growth businesses
Program Fee

The fee for this program was INR 150000 (or USD equivalent). This included tuition, course material, accommodation and meals. This executive education program was fully residential and accommodation was provided at the ISB Campus. Detailed report on the Program will soon be available.

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